Forget Tree
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Forget Tree
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!!! is a hidden stage after the Forget Tree. It is found in a black space in the middle of the sea, northwest of the Forget Tree, southeast of Snowfield 9, and southwest of Hell 1.


  • This stage was implemented in ver14.1.
  • This is the second stage that is at a hidden location. Players must hover the mouse over the location to discover it after leaving the Forget Tree through the sign at least once.
  • This is the only stage that has a smaller area for clicking in the map. This is probably to keep it more hidden, unlike ???.
  • The boss in this stage is the second boss susceptible to Freeze type without a loss of duration. The first one was the Pink Boss Gel Spider.
  • This is the first stage to be unlocked by "beating" a Town-like stage (the Forget Tree).
  • As to be expected, the stage bears many similarities to ??? before it. Firstly, like ???, it is a hidden stage and does not appear on the world map. Secondly, it only has two types of enemies and only contains three screens. Thirdly, both of the enemies are a purple color, though unlike ???, the enemies here come in two different shades of purple. Fourthly, it introduced a brand new species, known as the Germ. Fifthly, the enemies initially start off in few numbers, but rapidly grows in the same was as ???, until the boss screen, where there are 99 enemies and the boss. Finally, this stage leads nowhere, like ??? did before it.
  • This is the eighth stage to not lead anywhere.


enemy count
Enemies Purple Coconut Germ Pink Boss Coconut Germ
!!!: 1 30 0
!!!: 2 60 0
!!!: Boss 99 1
Total 189 1
experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Purple Coconut Germ Pink Boss Coconut Germ
64- 1 1
65 70 1
66 140 1
67 210 1
68 280 700
69 350 1400
70 420 2100
71 490 2800
72 560 3500
73 630 4200
74 700 4900
75 630 5600
76 560 6300
77 490 7000
78 420 6300
79 350 5600
80 280 4900
81 210 4200
82 140 3500
83 70 2800
84 1 2100
85 1 1400
86 1 700
87+ 1 1


Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 6
Silver Medal Silver Medal 6
Gold Medal Gold Medal 6
Iron Medal Iron Medal 6

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