Mist Grove 3
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Forget Tree
Blood Lake

??? is a hidden stage after Mist Grove 3. It is found south of Submarine Shrine and east of Mist Grove 3.


  • This stage was implemented in ver5.9.
  • Excluding the five mega boss stages and the five stages with no enemies, this stage has the least number of levels and the least variety of enemies.
  • This is the first stage which contains only two different enemies.
  • This is the first stage whose enemies all have the same head-species combination.
  • This is one of only two stages that is at a hidden location, the other being !!!. For this stage, players must hover the mouse over the location to discover it after completing Mist Grove 3.
  • This stage introduces the Spider species.
  • This stage has the most initial enemies in a boss area along with Snowfield 7 and !!!, at 100.
  • The enemies in this stage are some of the only ones in the game to have unlimited Range of Sight.
  • This is considered to be one of the hardest stages in the game due to the mass amount of enemies at this point in the game.
  • This stage has the first boss susceptible to Freeze without a loss of duration.
  • This is the third stage to not lead anywhere.
  • Several months prior to it being released, a very rough alpha of this stage was discovered by hackers. The stage had no name, and was not hidden on the map. See here for a video showing off the rough alpha of the stage, alongside other rough alphas for stages not yet released.


enemy count
Enemies Pink Gel Spider Pink Boss Gel Spider
???: 1 10 0
???: 2 50 0
???: Boss 99 1
Total 159 1
experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Pink Gel Spider Pink Boss Gel Spider
23- 1 1
24 30 1
25 60 1
26 90 1
27 120 300
28 150 600
29 180 900
30 210 1200
31 240 1500
32 270 1800
33 300 2100
34 270 2400
35 240 2700
36 210 3000
37 180 2700
38 150 2400
39 120 2100
40 90 1800
41 60 1500
42 30 1200
43 1 900
44 1 600
45 1 300
46+ 1 1


Black Crystal Black Crystal 3
Iron Medal Iron Medal 3
Quick's Card Quick's Card 3
Guide's Card Guide's Card 3
Knockback's Card Knockback's Card 3


This stage, unlike the Mist Grove series, has the same tileset and landscape as Forest 1 and Forest 2.

??? landscape

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