1991Roncampo (often abbreviated as simply "Roncampo" or simply "Ron's"), located at, is a Xat chat website created by the uploader "Roncamp" for the purpose of discussing Dan-Ball related subjects, mainly Powder Game, Powder Game 2, and occasionally Stick Ranger (although the site only lists itself as being dedicated to only the original Powder Game). The chat was created mainly because of the various restrictions of commenting on the Dan-Ball Comment Boards, such as the fact that users can only comment so many times in one day. The site is arguably the most popular Dan-Ball related chat website there is. The chat is used by many frequent Powder Game players primarily for the purpose of sharing Get-Set upload codes, discussing upload ideas, or simply chatting with one another.

1991Roncampo is the last remaining official Powder Game chat, however the site used to have several other "official" rivals, many of which eventually were deleted as their older users grew bored and quit. Other Powder Game chats still exist today, however are usually either widely unused or cover several subjects, Powder Game being only one of many. Examples of these chats can be found at PowderGameUnited (abandoned), ConsolesAndComputers (talks about many other subjects, Powder Game being one of them), and WorldOfText (Mainly talks about Powder Game projects among a few other related subjects).

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