Stick Ranger AT

Magicians attacking enemies, with the AT shown

AT (attack) is a weapon statistic in Stick Ranger that determines the damage a character can inflict on an enemy with a weapon.

Minimum and maximum AT

AT is represented in the form X-Y, where X is the lowest possible damage the weapon can do each hit and Y is the highest possible damage. Therefore, X and Y are also called the minimum and maximum attack values.

The minimum AT value is capped at the maximum AT value. Even if the minimum AT value exceeds the maximum AT value, it doesn't render the extra minimum AT useless - if the maximum AT value is raised, the minimum AT value will also adjust to fit the new cap.


Weapons have two AT values. The first is the damage done when the projectile/weapon hits the enemy. The second AT value can be referred to as "Bonus AT". It is only used in some weapons and can have two different meanings. For a magical weapon it indicates the damage done by the magical attack which is triggered when enough MP was collected, and which is often related to a certain an elemental type. For a normal weapon which is not magical the bonus AT indicates the damage of a secondary attack effect, for instance the dust clouds of the Bazooka, or the fire of the Grenade.

Increasing AT

  • Equipping a weapon. This is the most important criterion - without a weapon, a character will simply be a stickman incapable of dealing damage.
    • Most weapons found later in the game tend to grant more AT to the wielder.
  • Investing SP into a stat. This stat varies from class to class.
  • Red Crystal, Yellow Crystal, Berserk Card and Katana's Card directly increase AT.
    • Certain Stones may indirectly increase AT through increasing STR, DEX or MAG. The effect of stones differ from class to class.
  • Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz increase Bonus AT for weapons of the same type.
  • Critical's Card has a chance per hit (Not including elemental attacks) of increasing AT by predetermined percentages depending on the Card's level.
  • An offensive aura (AT) from a Priest.


Due to the large number of AT-increasing methods and the possibility of stacking them up, priority determines the order in which damage bonuses are calculated. The priority is as follows:

After applying each of the bonuses the AT values are then rounded down to the nearest integer to give the damage value.


The AT value for the character is computed in the following way for each Min AT and Max AT separately. First the ATskill value is computed. This value is directly used for the ATcharacter value of the character. It is computed as following:

ATskill = floor(ATweapon + ATstat bonus)

Then this ATcharacter is modified by other bonuses. If a Red Crystal is present the ATcharacter value is modified like this:

ATcharacter + ATRed Crystal

If a Yellow Crystal is present the ATcharacter value is modified like this:

floor(ATcharacter × (100% + fYellow Crystal))

If a Katana's Card is present the ATcharacter value is modified like this:

floor(ATcharacter × (100% + fKatana's Card))

If at least one priest with an AT aura is present, or if a Berserk Card is present, the ATcharacter value is modified like this:

fAT priest 1 aura + fAT priest 2 aura + fAT priest 3 aura + fAT priest 4 aura + fBerserk Card
ATcharacter = floor(ATcharacter × (100% + fAT aura combined) )

If a Critical's Card is present, for some of the hits the ATcharacter value is modified like this:

floor(ATcharacter × (100% + fCritical's Card) )

The Bonus AT values for magical attacks is computed separately and is not affected by the normal AT bonuses.

Explanation of the values:

value / expression explanation
ATweapon The AT value of the weapon
ATstat bonus The bonus resulting from the effect of the basic character statistics (STR, DEX, MAG) to AT and also items which affect those stats, like Stones).
ATskill The AT value which results only from the weapon, the basic stats (STR, DEX, MAG), and items which modify these basic stats. Note that Min ATskill can not be larger than than Max ATskill, and therefore is clipped to the minimum of these two values.
ATcharacter The AT value for the character which is modified a few times by a number of effects.
ATRed Crystal The absolute bonus of the Red Crystal, which is 1-3 for level 1, 2-6 for level 2, 3-9 for level 3, etc.
fYellow Crystal The percentaged bonus of the Yellow Crystal, which is 20% for level 1, 30% for level 2, 40% for level 3, etc.
fKatana's Card The percentaged bonus of the Katana's Card, which is 40% for level 6.
fAT priest n aura The AT aura of the n-th priest in range, given in percent.
fBerserk Card The percentaged bonus of the Berserk Card, which is 50% for level 1, 100% for level 2, 150% for level 3, etc.
fAT aura combined The combined effect of all auras of the priests and the Berserk Card, given in percent.
fCritical's Card The percentaged bonus of the Critical's Card, which is 100% for level 1, 150% for level 2, 200% for level 3, 300% for level 4, 400% for level 5, or 600% for level 6. This bonus applies only for 25%/20% of all hits (20% for level 6, 25% for the remaining).
floor ( ... ) Round down to the nearest integer.