Eats through everything but glass, block, clone, and fan.
Special properties
Destroys elements, except above without burning.

Acid is a vicious liquid with the properties of water. Before it was implemented in Powder Game, it was one of the most common ideas for a new element.


  • Acid destroys everything except for clone, fan, glass, block, and pump but does not cause anything to explode or burn or create wind. It just eats through elements, slowly vanishing. However, an acid ball will destroy clone.
  • Acid does fly off with contact with thunder, but is not destroyed.
  • It kills fighters and players and destroys boxes.
  • Laser eats through acid, but the beam slows down and is slowly eaten while doing so.
  • Acid is not immune to virus, but is able to resist it.
  • When stone or superballs fall into acid, the acid will splash up a little.
  • Acid is exactly twice as destructive than magma (not counting for stone, glass, metal, torch, or anything flammable).
  • Acid turns balls into the corresponding element, except for the ice ball, which is turned into snow, and wood ball, which is turned into powder.
  • Acid does not affect fan ball and clone ball.
  • Nitro resists acid a lot, having a similar, but faster effect than water versus magma.
Acid PG

Acid destroys almost all elements, the only exceptions being glass, clone, pump, and fan.

Effects with other elements

Element Effect
Ant Destroys Ant
Bomb Destroys Bomb/destroyed by Bomb
Bird Destroys Bird
Clone Acid is Cloned
Cloud Destroys Cloud
Fan None
Fire Destroys Fire
Fireworks Destroys Fireworks
Fuse Destroys Fuse
Gas Destroys Gas
Glass None
Gunpowder Destroys Gunpowder
Ice Destroys Ice
Laser Destroys Laser/destroyed by Laser

Destroys Magma/destroyed by Magma

Mercury Destroys Mercury
Metal Destroys Metal
Nitro Destroys Nitro
Oil Destroys Oil
Powder Destroys Powder
Pump Acid is Absorbed
Seed Destroys Seed
Snow Destroys Snow
Soapy Destroys Soapy
Steam Destroys Steam
Stone Destroys Stone
Superball Destroys Superball
Thunder Acid is Launched
Torch Destroys Torch
Vine Destroys Vine
Virus Destroys and Resists Virus
Water Destroys Water
Wood Destroys Wood


This chart shows how many dots of various elements one dot of acid can dissolve.

Element Dots
Ant 20
Cloud 20
Gas 20
Powder 20
Salt 20
Seed 20


Fire 20
Bird 10
Vine 10
Fireworks 10
Gunpowder 10
Metal 10
Superball 10
Torch 10
Wood 10
Virus 10
Snow 10
Mercury 5
Stone 5
Oil 4
Soapy 4
Ice 3
Salt Water 3
Water 3
Fuse 2
Magma 2
C4 1
Nitro 1
Thunder 0
Glass 0
Pump 0

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