AquaBox Screenshot

Aqua Box in action.

Aqua Box is an aquarium simulation game created by ha55ii. It is the 25th game created on Dan-Ball, released on 31 March 2017.


  • Plants grow automatically, and takes up more points as it grows. As of ver1.7 there is a limit of 8192 dots.
  • Pinch allows players to grab and move an aquatic plant by plant nodes. If the plant is detached from the soil it can be moved freely and be planted on the soil again.
    • Using Pinch on a point without a plant node will result in Space Drag. This allows players to push away plants by moving the cursor and holding left click.
    • Since ver1.6 ALPHA the top of the screen is bounded by an invisible boundary referred as the water surface. This water surface shows a reflection of objects close to the surface. Before ver1.6 ALPHA the upper boundary was grey.
    • Since ver2.0 ALPHA the soil is now grey with randomly generated particles. Before that the soil was solid brown.
  • Trimming cuts the plant at the selected node.
  • Light turns the lighting on and off.
    • Since ver1.5 ALPHA, turning off the lighting will make the cursor a point light source apart from the dimmed screen.
  • Sell allows players to sell all detached plants for coins, which can be used to buy contents from the shop. Each detached plant section sells for a maximum of 100 coins.
  • Shop allows players to buy new content for the aquarium with coins. Currently all shop contents are buyable for 100 coins each.
  • Restart erases all aquatic plants in action and regrows one plant at the centre. This does not reset the coin amount.


Version Date Thumbnail New features and changes Blog[1]
2.0 ALPHA 23/06/2017 AB ver2.0 Soil texture Change. jp/en
1.9 ALPHA 16/06/2017 AB ver1.9 Plant addition. (Rotala sp. green) jp/en
1.8 ALPHA 09/06/2017 AB ver1.8 Plant addition. (Hemianthus micranthemoides) jp/en
1.7 ALPHA 02/06/2017 AB ver1.7 Optimization. Point limit quadrupled from 2048 to 8192. jp/en
1.6 ALPHA 26/05/2017 AB ver1.6 Reflective Water Surface addition. jp/en
1.5 ALPHA 05/05/2017 AB ver1.5 Point Light source addition. jp/en
1.4 ALPHA 28/04/2017 AB ver1.4 Light addition. jp/en
1.3 ALPHA 21/04/2017 AB ver1.3 Space Drag addition. jp/en
1.2 ALPHA 14/04/2017 AB ver1.2 Shop addition. Plant addition (Hair Grass). jp/en
1.1 ALPHA 07/04/2017 AB ver1.1 Leaf graphics improved. jp/en
1.0 ALPHA 31/03/2017 AB ver1.0 Game creation. jp/en
  1. The original blog is written in Japanese. A link to an automatic translation into English by Google is also available.

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