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BG-Blur Player

BG-blur is a motion trail background in Powder Game, Elemental Box and Powder Game 2. Objects that are moving leave behind a trail of fading colors, and elements that disappear quickly (such as Laser text), leave behind an afterimage. To some, BG-blur is preferred over BG-light, as it leaves a prominent background without causing colour changes.


  • Used to create movie-like effects with lasers (as a line that leaves behind a motion trail)
  • Used to create effects with fireworks
  • Used to improve the appearance of player courses, chain reactions etc.
    • Blur effects have been used to show speed of Players moving, making them more visible to the user.
non · air · line · blur · shade · aura · light
toon · mesh · gray · track · dark · TG · siluet/silet
g-map · mosaic · color

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