BG-dark is a background style in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. It was implemented in ver7.4 for Powder Game and ver4.6 for Powder Game 2. In BG-dark, it is the opposite of BG-light, which makes most of the objects disappear (including block and even the grids). However, the lighter elements except bomb can be seen, which produce a little light, even the player can see in the dark and acts almost like a flashlight, because the light trails don't disappear instantly as the player moves. Charged glass, metal, and mercury also produces light. In Powder Game ver7.5, upon implementation of BG-TG, 2 bugs were fixed: BG-dark + Player and BG-dark stop bug.


BG-dark can be used for:

  • Player courses (with acid being an invisible trap)
  • Player houses at night- realistic lighting
  • Realistic caves.
  • Uploads that take place at night for realistic lighting.
  • Pop-up messages in uploads.
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