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BG-g-map is a background effect in Powder Game 2 implemented in ver1.3. This background is used to show gravitational fields of the game screen with blue color, simulating a pulling field, and a green color, simulating a repelling field.

Originally, having gravity on would affect BG-g-map in a way that filled the screen in blue. This was later changed, probably to make other gravitational fields easier to see.


Uploaders have commonly used BG-g-map for:

  • Gravity art with Black and White holes.
  • Showing the strength of gravity fields in uploads that have Black and White holes as a special characteristic, such as Player courses or anti-gravity chambers.


  • One very odd glitch is often overlooked because it doesn't happen right when the upload is viewed.
    1. Having gravity off, arrange two Black holes and two White holes in a square, where the similar hole is diagonally opposite from it (works best if on one corner of the screen).
    2. Turn BG-g-map off, then back on again.
    3. The effect creates curved gravity lines far from the holes, similar to the curved magnetic field of the Earth. Reloading fixes this.
  • Continuing with the pattern, in which it appears that one of the holes is in the form of a 4x4 circle (the other hole filling in the rest of the 4x4 square), it creates a fuzzy blob of very small blue and green fields far from the square (example ). Clicking gravity off, then back on, creates a combined effect.
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