BG non and BG gray

Comparison between BG-non and BG-gray.

BG-gray is a background which was implemented in Powder Game ver6.2 and Powder Game 2 ver2.4. It turns all elements and the background into grayscale. Objects, and in particular players keep their original color. The background is similar to BG-air and it also uses black for normal pressure, but for low pressure a darker gray is used and for high pressure a brighter gray is used.



Pixel art in BG-gray and BG-non.

BG-gray can be used in pixel arts to create some gray and black colors tinges unavailible in other backgrounds.

non · air · line · blur · shade · aura · light
toon · mesh · gray · track · dark · TG · siluet/silet
g-map · mosaic · color

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