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BGShade Thunder

This shows thunder in BG-non and BG-shade.

BG-Shade is a type of background that makes any kind of element or object show a shadow with a color based on its own base coloration in BG-non. Unlike BG-air, BG-line, BG-aura and BG-mesh, BG-shade does not display a graphical illustration of wind- or air movement. If objects are moving while BG-shade is on, a slowly fading trail will be following the object's movement. The trail's fade time is approximately half a second.

If an element is covered with glass, the shadow disappears and the element will look how it is on BG-Non. This is useful when creating text in BG-Shade, as the shadow can make the text hard to read.

If used along with grid 7 it is possible to determine the exact location of glass and the shade of the grid lines will turn the background color grey, making metal invisible instead.


  • Colorful background - by adding many regularly placed dots of some solid (or other element if the upload doesn't
    Solve The Rubic Cube

    Solve the Rubic Cube by Stevenh1997aske. The upper is before pressing Reset and the lower is after Reset.

    use start mode) and using BG-shade, an uploader can create the illusion that the whole background is filled with this element. This is often used in pixel art. Example: Solve The Rubic Cube by Stevenh1997aske.
  • Reset upload
  • Hidden message Upload
  • Haze effect
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