A stage in BG-toon.


Dots of glass in BG-toon.

BG-toon is a background in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that makes particles appear bigger then they are. It also creates a white border around block and dots. BG-Toon was released for Powder Game in ver5.3, right after BG-light was released, and for Powder Game 2 in ver2.0. BG-toon does not affect objects.

How BG-Toon Works



Comparison of a dot with BG-Toon (right) and without BG-Toon (left) at Scale x16.

When a single dot (particle) of a element, is created in BG-Toon, it increases in size to the viewer by 9, becoming 3x3 size dots. Also, the dot of that element, no matter what element it is, is coated with a white border.

Examples: A 1x1 dot of powder appears to be a 3x3 square with a white border; A 4x4 dot of block appears to be a 6x6 square with a white border; etc...


One of the only ways to directly view glass is through the use of BG-toon. Glass is nearly completely black, resembling transparancy because of the black background, but in BG-toon it has white border that makes it visible. Glass can also be seen in BG-air, BG-line, BG-gray and BG-mesh if air flow or air pressure is present, but only in BG-toon, BG-color, BG-mosaic and BG-siluet can glass be seen all the time.

A possible error in uploads is that the creator leaves BG-toon selected, therefore ruining whatever "surprise", or "trap" was intended.


When a single particle of block is created, it does not increase in size at all, unlike elements. However, that block particle will still be coated with a white border.


When air or wind is created in BG-Toon, it is not shown like in BG-air, BG-line or BG-mesh.

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