Using the backpedal strategy with a Sniper against the Pyramid Boss.

The backpedal strategy is a strategy that can be applied to certain enemies in Stick Ranger, usually in boss or mega boss stages where only one enemy is present. It is an extrapolation of the Dodge strategy. The idea is to ensure that the boss is always in range of the ranged characters and at the same time far enough to avoid getting hit by its powerful melee attack.


  • Drag the entire team towards the general direction of the enemy and have the ranged characters automatically position themselves within attack range. The enemy would start walking towards the team.
  • When the characters are in the enemy's melee range, drag all of them back just enough to let them escape its melee attack. The enemy would move towards the characters.
  • When the team is already against the edge of the screen and there is no more space to retreat, swiftly drag the enitre team to the other end of the screen. Now the enemy would be at the edge and the team would be at the other side and the process can be repeated until the enemy is killed.


  • Only one or two enemies should be present in the entire screen to ensure that the strategy can be executed with ease.
  • It is recommended to turn on auto-move on ranged characters and turn off auto-move on melee characters. This is to ensure that the ranged characters will automatically position themselves in range while keeping melee characters away from the enemy.
  • This can be used in conjunction with the Lure strategy -- Lure an enemy away from a larger group, and then backpedal until the enemy is dead. The Green Boss Skull Snake is an example where this can be applied, because of their short range.

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