A Ball course is a fairly common, yet complex type of upload and technology in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. As the name implies, a ball course generally consists of one or more balls following a set track, and generally bouncing over several obstacles that would otherwise destroy the ball.


The most popular ball course in Powder Game: Deluxe Ball Course By Maybe Tomorrow

Ball Course

A themed Ball Course by SR MASTER

Uploaders usually create a labyrinth made from block or other non-reactive solids, to keep the ball bouncing out of it's designated area. These uploads also often use loop to speed up the ball and increase the amount of space that can be used within the game screen, ice to make it slide, and water or Torch to destroy it when the ball reaches the end of the course. Sometimes, there are multiple balls used in the upload that consecutively hit each other, while others generally have only one ball.

Occasionally, the ball will be endangered by moving near an element that would destroy it, but saved due to timing planned by the uploader, for example, 超ギリギリ BALL by ホクソン, and Ball Course 2 by SR MASTER. However, this method of design is extremely complex, requiring a large amount of patients to produce, and is therefor seldom used.

Ball courses mainly use a closed track, less complex ball courses often consist of several platforms placed around the game screen that simply bounce and catch the ball in a planned way, while some do both.

Ball courses with more bizarre themes tends to be more interesting and popular among viewers. Some are based on real things such as Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Panchinko, Roulette, etc.

Extremely complex ball courses generally receive a massive amount of votes when uploaded, and are therefor fairly common among more experienced users. However, lower quality ball courses are still capable of receiving a moderate amount of votes if not elaborated on.