Defend Your Base! by Creptrbot


Zombie Attack! by SpaceMarineGuy, a copy-paste base defend upload

In base defend uploads, the primary objective is to defend some sort of structure from dangerous forces. These types of uploads often involve the use of players and their attributes to prevent enemy forces, anywhere from harmful elements to fighters, from reaching the target area. There are a large variety of objects that may be used to defend the base. They can range from single elements to more advanced forms of technology, such as land mines, cannons, and simulated lasers.

There are also base defend uploads that rely on using copy-paste. This is done where the player copies and places traps and weapons onto the battlefield.

Existing problems


  • They explode after loading the upload, because the box contacts torch just after loading.
  • The box may fall out, making the landmine fail to work.

Weapon activations

  • If a trap containing too much nitro explodes, it may explode other nitro, thus creating a chain reaction.
  • Some weapons can disable other weapons. For example, a bomb which contains water explodes. The water hits a metal line, which is used as trigger, causes the metal to rust, which makes triggering the weapon impossible.

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