Living Powder
Special properties
Flies around the screen avoiding contact with elements that may kill it. Collects in flocks.

Bird is a powder element in Powder Game. It will drastically reduce the framerate of the Powder Game if present in large amounts.


  • Bird moves randomly in flocks.
  • Bird tries to avoid contact with most other elements (especially ones that would kill them).

Reactions with elements

  • Bird's flight course is affected by elements in its proximity. It is attracted by wood, seed, ant, and other birds. It is repelled by all other elements, including block. Its attraction to other birds causes it to form "flocks".
  • Bird destroys seed and ant.
  • Bird are destroyed by ant that is building tunnels.
  • Bird are trapped in Vine.
  • Bird will get burned in contact with a lighter element.
  • Bird sometimes lands on wood for a while.
  • Bird is destroyed by Acid and bomb.
  • If bird is covered by any liquid, it will float up until it reaches the surface and starts flying normally.
  • Bird can be stopped by surrounding it with any powder, except for ant and seed.
  • Bird will turn into fire if burned with thunder, spark, or magma.
  • Bird is burned by fire balls.

Reactions with objects


Bird reacting to Block and demonstrating flock behavior.

  • A player with the bird attribute will move in "low gravity" when the down key is pressed. The player's jumps will be higher, and it will also fall slower. A bird player can also hide from fighters by holding "down" while standing on a solid object.
  • If the player drags seed or ant into a flock of birds, then the birds will eat the elements.

Reactions with elements

Element Effect
Ant Destroys ant
Bomb Bird is destroyed
Clone Bird is cloned
Fan Attempts to avoid
Fire Bird is destroyed
Fireworks Avoids contact
Gas Avoids contact
Glass Avoids contact
Gunpowder Avoids contact
Ice Avoids contact
Laser Bird is destroyed
Magma Bird is destroyed
Metal Avoids contact
Nitro Avoids contact
Oil Avoids contact
Powder Avoids contact
Pump Avoids contact
Seed Destroys seed
Snow Avoids contact
Soapy Avoids contact
Spark Destroys bird
Steam Avoids contact
Stone Avoids contact
Superball Avoids contact
Thunder Destroys bird
Torch Destroys bird
Vine Avoids contact
Virus Bird is infected
Water Avoids contact

Attracted to wood

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