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PG2 ver1.2

Black Holes, as shown in the 1.2 update thumbnail.

Black Hole is an object like block, indestructible and able to stop wind, but they have a minor influence on gravity. However, normal gravity is still strong enough to rip powder from a single black hole, thus not qualifying it as a true black hole in any way; it is simply a low air pressure area. For best results, turn off gravity.

Black Holes appear the same color as metal in Powder Game, or 404040. They show as 2-by-2 pixel squares, and are always aligned with the gridlines. There is also a small amount of dark "space" bordering the black holes. However, the black holes still take up this space, which is similar to glass in its invisibility. Unlike glass, however, these dark spaces are entirely black (000000). They are cleared by using erase rather than clear, thus qualifying them as objects. Pen-s affects the placement area in the same way as block or erase.



G-Map, followed by numbers

When placing extensive amounts of black holes on the screen, the game lags and a message in the upper left corner says "G-Map", followed by a certain number for a fleeting instant. The number increases until the message disappears. When loading, the number will start at 64, and will grow in jumps of 64 until it stops. By adding gravity cells (Black and White holes), it starts at 128 with jumps of 128. It can stop and disappear at any number, depending in the change of the number of gravity cells. The number represents the quantity of gravity cells.

G-MAP high

8640 is the biggest number that can appear at the G-MAP

The largest number can appear in G-MAP is 8640. This can occur by loading a screen full of gravity cells, because the max number of gravity cells is 8680 (124*70), and 8640 is the closest number that is a multiple of 64.

The message probably shows that the game is calculating the gravity of the cells. It is not known why it appears when it, generally, cannot be read clearly.


  • Black Hole can be used to suspend elements and objects when Black Holes are placed in a certain formation. (sometimes used together with White Hole)
  • Black Hole can also be used as an attractor, sometimes causing elements or objects to "orbit" around it if there is enough space.
  • The BG-g-map glitch.

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