This article is about the Black Hole effect found in Powder Game. For other uses, see Black hole (disambiguation).

Black holes are both an aura and an air effect. As an air effect, Black holes are used as sucking particles in (air feature). As an aura effect, it is often used to create aura feature. Like real black holes, light cannot escape it. Galaxy aura effects are still being improved.

How To Make

Base steps

  1. Turn BG to Aura or Air.
    Part 1-2

    The Black Hole base

  2. Make a block heading to an un-looped block that is destroyed (outline blocks).
  3. Add fan to the free space that leads to the un-looped block (make sure the fan goes in one direction).

Air effect

  1. Finish the "Base steps" above.
  2. Then add elements that are affected by wind.

Aura effect

  1. Finish the "Base steps" above.
  2. Make elements.
  3. Watch the aura get sucked in.
  4. Pause
  5. Look at the effects
  6. Start
Red Giant Fuel Black Holes

Red Giant Fuel that is being sucked into a black hole.

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