This article is about the Black Hole element found in Earth Editor. For other uses, see Black hole (disambiguation).
Black Hole
State of matter
No reactions.
Special properties
Attracts most elements towards it. Default black hole in game.
Version implemented
1.0, 1.4

Black hole, or BH is an Earth Editor element that attracts other elements, acting as a real-life black hole of sorts. The only difference is that it does not suck things completely into it or eat up the matter, but only pulls things towards it, like gravity does. There is one in the center of the screen at the start of the game.


The black hole can be used to suck nearby elements, except for other black holes and white holes. The closer an element is located to a black hole, the more it is affected by the gravity. A black hole is stationary. It is represented by one white pixel, making it indistinguishable from white holes. Black holes cannot be drawn by using the pen like for other elements; instead, they must be placed individually. The more elements (excluding cloud and white holes) that are connected to it, either directly or through other elements, the wider the range of gravity is.

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