experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Blue Big Shield Eel
46- 1
47 550
48 1100
49 1650
50 2200
51 2750
52 3300
53 3850
54 4400
55 4950
56 5500
57 4950
58 4400
59 3850
60 3300
61 2750
62 2200
63 1650
64 1100
65 550
66+ 1
Blue Big Shield Eel Blue Big Shield Eel
Location: Cavern 5
LP: 55000
AT: 15-45 ×4
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 68.34
Range: 60
Strength: Freeze (Time -80%)
Weakness: none
LV: 56
EXP: 5500
Gold ($): 5500
Drops: Poison Charm 4 (100%)
Species: Eel
Head: Shield
Attack: BlueBigShieldEelMine
Head colour: #639ACE
Body colour: #31659C
Movement: swimming


This titanic enemy is essentially a much stronger cousin of the Blue Shield Eel. It uses a mine attack which can bounce off terrain. This enemy can give severe damage to melee characters overtime. Due to the mass amount of White Shield Bats, they may distract players from this enemy and lead to massive damage taken. This big enemy only appears once in the 5th screen, due to its huge LP and attacks that reach up to 180 damage. Ranged weapons and/or great DPS melees would help to dispose it. Poison and Ice type weapons work fine too. There is actually an easy way to defeat this enemy. First, lure it out of the water as it slides through the terrain. Keep luring it until it reaches the boss sign. It's really vulnerable as it couldn't move any further. During this helpless state, drag a Sniper, Gunner, or Magician (Preferably with Fire type weapons or weapons with piercing capabilities if the ceiling is too low), and defeat the enemy in no time without getting damaged.

This could also be considered a hidden boss, as it only appears with enough water in the screen, has Freeze resistance equal to most bosses, and it is incredibly powerful as it also managed to out-class the Submarine Shrine Boss (in LV, LP, EXP, and gold). Because this enemy only appears on one screen, with one occurrence, and it only has a small chance of appearing, it is the rarest enemy in the game. This enemy also is the only one in the game to have a perfect chance of an item dropping, which is the Poison Charm 4.

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