experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Blue Boss Fairy Eel
60- 1
61 800
62 1600
63 2400
64 3200
65 4000
66 4800
67 5600
68 6400
69 7200
70 8000
71 7200
72 6400
73 5600
74 4800
75 4000
76 3200
77 2800
78 1600
79 800
80+ 1
Blue Boss Fairy Eel Blue Boss Fairy Eel
Location: Mountaintop
LP: 20000
AT: 5-5 (1s)
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 58.86
Range: 200
Strength: Ice (AT =1, Slow Immune)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 70
EXP: 8000
Gold ($): 9999
Drops: Ice Spirit 4 (25%)
Species: Eel
Head: Fairy
Attack: MTBossFlake
Head colour: #323298
Body colour: #323232
Movement: Flying


This is one of the 4 bosses of the Mountaintop. This boss uses a freezing attack, which behaves like those from the Submarine Shrine Boss, only with reduced freeze time length and firing rate. Due to the higher speed that this boss attacks from and the fact that it is immune to Ice attacks, this is more difficult boss to defeat compared to the other three bosses. High-damaging ranged characters, especially Snipers and Priests, will work best against this boss, as a melee will only be frozen and destroyed by the other bosses before it has a chance to attack. Poison type weapons are also considerable, especially with equipped with a Peridot. An Indra Arrow 6 is highly recommended for defeating this boss if the player is going through the stage a second time.


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