experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Blue Diamond Bat
35- 1
36 30
37 60
38 90
39 120
40 150
41 180
42 210
43 240
44 270
45 300
46 270
47 240
48 210
49 180
50 150
51 120
52 90
53 60
54 30
55+ 1
Blue Diamond Bat Blue Diamond Bat
Location: Desert 7
LP: 800
AT: 1-1 (0.5s) ×3
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 81.03
Range: 40
Strength: Ice (AT =1, Slow immune)
Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 45
EXP: 300
Gold ($): 200
Drops: Blade 5 (3.33%)
Species: Bat
Head: Diamond
Attack: BlueDiamondBatNeedle
Head colour: #9999FF
Body colour: #000099
Movement: Flying


Although they are very weak, this enemy is frustrating to deal with due to its triple Freeze attack, in which it stacks up to keep your characters frozen for a while. It's even worse when this enemy is in mobs, as they can easily gang up on a character and completely destroy him mainly because they can keep him frozen constantly. Taking them out from a distance is a must. Anyone that gets close will be bombarded by freezing Needle attacks. One good strategy is to use a character as bait and use a ranged character, such as a Sniper with a Triple Poison 4 (especially with a Peridot) or a Magician with a Thunder Spear 4 to kill them. This is the first enemy to use Freeze type attacks that is not a snowflake (needle) and the first non-waterborne freezing enemy.

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