experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Blue X Walker
1 70
2 80
3 90
4 100
5 90
6 80
7 70
8 60
9 50
10 40
11 30
12 20
13 10
14+ 1
Blue X Walker Blue X Walker
Location: Opening Street
LP: 40
AT: 4-5
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 95.59
Range: 80
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 4
EXP: 100
Gold ($): 15
Drops: Explosion 1 (6.67%)
Handgun 1 (6.67%)
Blue Stone 1 (2.5%)
Species: Walker
Head: X
Attack: Grey Ball
Head colour: #0000FE
Body colour: #996633
Movement: walking


This is the first enemy with a ranged attack that the player will encounter in the game. The Blue X Walker can be dangerous this early in the game. It has the potential speed and strength to kill weak characters, especially if a group of Blue X Walkers is protected by some Red Smiley Walkers. One way to beat them is to use the Bait strategy, so ranged characters can attack without being damaged. Another way to beat them is to outrange them with some ranged characters, as most ranged classes are able to outrange this enemy, anyway. The Dodge strategy can also be used as their ranged attack is slow and can be dodged easily. Melees are also recommended to defeat them so that they draw attention to it, while ranged characters can pound on it with little trouble.

They are an excellent resource for early game mages due to their Blue Stone and Explosion drops. 6 of them can be found in Opening Street: 9.