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Yes, but only via torch.
Ignites nitro, generates wind pressure when igniting nitro, see the article on shrapnel dispersion for more reactions.
Special properties
Simulates an explosion on contact with other elements, launches shrapnel according to that element.

Bomb is a powder element in Powder Game. It is the second heaviest element, the first being mercury. It acts as a bomb, exploding on contact with any of the other elements, except for fan and clone. When it detonates, there is "shrapnel" from the bomb scattered and then it disappears or changes into another element. Bomb does not sink or float, due to the fact that it explodes on contact with most elements. Different elements react differently upon contact with it, but they all simulate explosions.


  • Bomb explosions create air pressure only when it blows up nitro. Other explosive and nonexplosive elements are detonated without creating wind.
  • Bomb can not be infected by virus, because it just blows it up. Only the shrapnel can be infected by virus, making the virus turn into bomb and explode.
  • Bomb does not kill players, fighters, and boxes.
  • Bomb does not ignite C-4, instead making a hole in it.
  • Like superball, bomb doesn't spread vertically (all dots fall with the same speed) and can be used to create loop animations.

Effects with other elements

Element Effect
Acid Destroys Acid
Ant Destroys Ant
Clone Bomb is Cloned
Cloud Destroys Cloud
Fan None
Fire Destroys Fire
Fireworks Destroys Fireworks
Gas Destroys Gas
Glass Turns Glass to Stone
Gunpowder Destroys Gunpowder
Ice Destroys Ice
Laser Destroys Laser
Magma Destroys Magma
Metal Moves Metal
Mercury Destroys Mercury
Nitro Ignites nitro
Oil Destroys Oil
Powder Destroys Powder
Pump Turns Pump into Spark
Salt Destroys salt
Saltwater Destroys saltwater
Seed Destroys Seed
Snow Destroys Snow
Soapy Destroys Soapy
Spark Destroys Spark
Steam Destroys Steam
Stone Turns stone to Powder
Superball Destroys Superball
Thunder Destroys Thunder
Torch Destroys Torch
Vine Destroys Vine
Virus Destroys Virus/Shrapnel becomes Infected
Water Destroys Water
Wood Destroys Wood

Shrapnel dispersion


Bomb detonating torch

  • When bomb touches soapy, the explosion creates shrapnel of steam that disperses and then disappears after a while.
  • When bomb hits metal, the shrapnel of the bomb acts normally and disappears after some time, but the metal is not destroyed, and flies off several pixels away as if it was temporarily a non-solid (see states of matter).
  • When bomb hits torch, the shrapnel changes into fire.
  • When bomb hits ice, the shrapnel changes into snow.
  • When bomb hits wood, vine or stone, the shrapnel changes into powder.
  • When bomb hits other elements (except clone and fan) the shrapnel of the bomb disappears after a few seconds.
  • When bomb hits acid, it will blow it up, although it will immediately destroy it.
  • When bomb hits glass, the shrapnel changes into stone. Some particles of stone immediately turn into powder in contact with bomb.
  • When bomb shrapnel flies after bomb hitting some elements, like metal, the shrapnel itself will turn into that element or a disturbed form of the element, like torch to fire or stone to powder. The elements do not just appear from nothing. See the picture to the right as an example.

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