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This article is about the machine and upload type. For the element, see Bomb (Powder Game element).

A Powder Game bomb (although also can be created in Powder Game 2 and Earth Editor) is a type of machine that makes a destructive explosion, usually using explosive elements such as Nitro or gunpowder. Unlike a land mine, it is generally much more stable and is triggered by a lighter element or a fuse.

Making a bomb is usually very simple. A bomb is mostly used with solids such as C-4, glass, metal, ice, or block to hold it together. It is then filled with one or more explosive element. There is often also fireworks or S-ball used in their creation to add more explosive fuel or a decorative touch. Bombs often include some form of built-in detonator such as a long fuse, that will automatically activate the bomb once start is pressed with some form of lighter element. However, lighter elements are not the only way to detonate a bomb; fuses, air, thunder, or drag are also capable of setting off a bomb.

Bombs used alone in uploads often get only a very small amount of votes because they are very easily made, very unoriginal, and also often poorly made (simply because it's an extremely popular first or second upload). However, they can obtain a larger amount of votes if specular effects such as different BGs are added. One can also add a decorative part to the bomb or make it more complex by adding f-works or Superball.


It can be used in multi-uploads, chain reaction uploads, base defend uploads, as traps in player courses, or to simply produce a large amount of wind at once. Bombs are also often used in save uploads that instruct the viewer to vote to prevent a bomb from detonating (and often to "save someone from the blast").


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