An example of a box kicking game.

A box kicking game is an extremely rare type of upload and minigame exclusive Powder Game, as Powder Game 2 lacks the box function. In a box kicking game, one or more players must attempt to kill fighters walking on a solid platform (constructed of an element that will not hurt the fighters, such as metal) above by kicking boxes up through a strip of lighter element such as torch, thus lighting them on fire.

Box kicking games as standalone uploads generally gain a low amount of votes, often because they are extremely easy to create and simple in design, being nothing more than a small minigame, if not somehow elaborated on.

Sports arena

A sports arena is a more common variation of the classic box kicking game. In this, either players and/or fighters must kick around a ball or box in an attempt to place it in a "net" of some sort.

Player Soccer by 2468101214 is an example of a high-quality soccer arena.


  • The torch line must be far enough from metal line to prevent the fighters from touching the torch.
  • The metal line must be thick enough (5 or more pixels), or the fighters may fall through it.
  • The higher the metal and torch lines, the harder the game.
  • The boxes are best pen-s 1, as bigger boxes may generate too much wind while burning.
  • It is recommended not kick too many boxes at once, as this will cause high winds capable of moving the boxes.


  • Before the player attribute update, players could only kill fighters using this method.

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