The Boxer is a class in the game Monster Box. Boxers uses gloves to punch monsters rapidly (at a constant rate of 5 frames per hit), like its Stick Ranger counterpart.


  • MBBoxerATAT: The AT that is dealt to monsters by punching. Starts at 10 and each LV increases AT by 10. Costs $(50(n+1)) for the nth upgrade.
  • MBBoxerRangedATRanged Attack: When punching splash damage is dealt to all monsters in range like the Sonic Knuckle in Stick Ranger. Starts at 0 and each LV increases splash AT by 1. Costs $(100n) for the nth upgrade.
  • MBBoxerATPercentAT (%): Increases punch AT and splash AT by the specified percentage, calculated after increments by AT or Ranged Attack upgrade. Starts at 0% and each LV increases the percentage by 5%. Costs $(500n) for the nth upgrade.
  • MBBoxerRangeRange: Increases the effective range for dealing splash damage. Starts at 20 pixels and each LV increases it by 2. Costs $(500n) for the nth upgrade.
  • MBBoxerHalfLifeHalf life attack: Gives a chance to deal an extra AT of half of the monster's LP after taking the punch and its splash damage or 9999, whichever is lower, by punching. Has no extra effects beyond 100%. Starts at 0% and each LV increases it by 1%. Costs $1000 per upgrade.
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