Breakability is a property of objects in Elemental Box. As of the current version, ver1.5, the following objects exhibits this property

  • Block box
  • Block circle
  • Wood box
  • Wood circle
  • Water box
  • Water circle
  • Water triangle


An object which is breakable will break into smaller objects if it hits another, harder object with enough force. This object can not be made of wall. For example, by smashing a 16x16 block box with a metal object, the player can create sixteen 4x4 boxes, and by smashing a 16x16 Wood box, the player can create 4 16x4 wood boxes. Breaking a box will always create three more objects of the same proportions, unless more breaks occur at the same time. In this case, the object will still break into objects of equal size and proportions, and then break again, which will then break again, giving the illusion that the object did not break evenly. Breaking a block circle will create 8 triangles, while breaking a wood circle will create eight 4 pixel-thick boxes. When breaking any water shape, it splits into a few of the same shape, but smaller and can fix itself by absorbing the smaller pieces.


  • Interestingly, a box will break into objects with the same proportions. This means that an object with a width or height that do not fall into a 1:1 proportion will create boxes that also do not fall into that proportion, even though it might make more sense for them to break into some boxes which are in those proportions.
  • Due to the above bit of information, a box can be broken down into parts which are only a pixel thick.
  • There is one case in which a broken box will not create three more objects. This case is when the breaking of the object would create more than 999 objects. In this case, the extra boxes disappear.
  • The number of boxes a box can be broken into can be found by the formula:(H*W)/4, where H equals the height of the object and W equals the width of the object. If the result is greater than 995, reduce it to that value.
  • Only 995 objects can be generated by breaking, as the three walls which are present from the beginning and the object used to break the other objects must also be accounted for in the 999 object limit.

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