A build is a type of character setup in the game Stick Ranger. Builds are an effective way to enhance the damage done by characters, using specific weapons, compo items, and/or character statistics. They are generally effective, unless the enemy being attacked is resistant to the type of weapon the build uses (e.g. a poison build won't work against most mushrooms).

Pros and cons of builds

Pros and cons are listed below ([+] for pros, [=] for neutral, and [-] for cons).

  • [+] Most builds are effective on killing enemies quickly/safely and/or provides great support.
  • [+] Builds are a good way to put weapons and compo items to good use.
  • [=] Due to availability, builds are mostly used near the end of the game.
  • [-] Some items, such as cards, are very rare and hard to find.
  • [-] Builds aren't as beginner-friendly as other strategies, and may be hard to create.
  • [-] Certain builds can be ineffective on some enemies.
  • [-] The limited inventory space restricts the number of builds one can simultaneously own.

Builds for specific classes

There are various builds for different classes in our list of user-written walkthroughs and guides, which can be found at this category.

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