Cat Halloween is an app game by Dan-Ball released on 14 October, 2011.


The aim of this game is to distribute treats to the 100 cats wearing Halloween costumes. Each cat has their own desired treat shown in the thinking bubble which must be given the corresponding treat. If a wrong treat is given, it results in a miss and the game will stun for a second. There are 4 treats: cookies, candies, donuts and chocolates.


The scoring and ranking is purely based on how fast the player completes the game, although the number of misses are also uploaded.


  • Cats who wear the same costume always ask for the same treat.
  • When the game was first released on iOS, the app name was misspelt "Cat Helloween". However, all the other spellings of the game title are correct.


iOS version

  • Cat Halloween ver1.5 - 27/06/14
    • iOS 7 support.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.4 - 14/10/13
    • iPhone5 support.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.3 - 12/10/12
    • iPad support. Sound quality improvement.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.2 - 15/6/12
    • High resolution support. Bug fix.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.1 - 4/11/11
    • BGM addition. Icon changed.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.0 - 14/10/11
    • Game creation.

Android version

  • Cat Halloween ver1.7 - 11/10/13
    • Optimization.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.6 - 5/10/12
    • High resolution support. App can be suspended in the Home or Back button.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.5 - 23/1/12
    • Image quality adjustment.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.4 - 13/1/12
    • Optimization.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.3 - 30/12/11
    • Bug fix: World rankings.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.2 - 11/11/11
    • Bug fix: Touch position, rankings.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.1 - 4/11/11
    • BGM addition. Bug fix: Time bar.
  • Cat Halloween ver1.0 - 28/10/11
    • Android support.

Kindle version

  • Cat Halloween ver1.7 - 18/10/13
    • Optimization.
  • Cat Halloween ver 1.0 - 10/01/13
    • Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD support.

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