Cat Hanabi is a Dan-Ball app game released in 12 August, 2011. It features the cats from Cat Shot, where they catch balls to produce fireworks.

Game play

In the game, players need to move the cats around the 4 spaces where the balls may land. The balls are coloured red, yellow or blue, and players need to match them up with the cats holding the cannon of that colour by moving the cats. More than 1 cat can stand at the same position, and all balls count as long as the respective cat is there. Each matching ball caught will be sent up to the sky, exploding as fireworks and increases the excite metre. Try to match up the balls consecutively as this gives a higher score. When the excite metre is depleted, it is game over.


In the game, each matching ball gives a score equal to the multiple of current combo and the current level. The total score is calculated as Score + combo bonus (max combo x 50) + level bonus (level reached x 300).


iOS version

  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.6 - 16/05/14
    • iOS 7 compatibility.
  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.5 - 30/08/13
    • iPhone 5 support. Bug fix.
  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.4 - 27/07/12
    • iPad support. Sound quality improvement.
  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.3 - 27/04/12
    • High resolution support.
  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.2 - 26/08/11
    • It's now possible to move cats which are behind another one. Sound effect added.
  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.1 - 19/08/11
    • Cats now stand at the back if moved to an occupied space. Position of the score changed. Other effects added.
  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.0 - 12/08/11
    • Game creation.

Android version

  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.1 - 16/08/13
    • Tablet support. Optimization. Back button changed. Bug fix.
  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.0 - 20/07/12
    • Android support.

Kindle version

  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.1 - 23/08/13
    • Tablet support. Optimization. Back button changed. Bug fix.
  • Cat Hanabi ver 1.0 - 10/01/13
    • Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD support.

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