A Chain reaction is a rather common type of upload on Powder Game and Powder Game 2. Chain reactions are essentially a collection of various large courses that often have many types of stages, each triggered by the previous stage that eventually lead to an end. This end often results in the creation of a picture or player/fighter being destroyed, sometimes saying "Vote to save Bob!" or something of the sort. The end of the reaction can also be marked, simply by the text, "END!". Usually, the word "VOTE" appears somewhere within the chain reaction. A chain reaction upload generally gets a large amount of votes simply due to it's complexity. In fact, the most voted upload on Powder Game was a chain reaction for a long period of time.

Types of stages used often in chain reactions

Chain Reaction

USMC Chain Reaction By MarineAssassin45

  • C-4 or Fuse courses.
  • Laser courses.
  • Torch and wood courses: often using water on wood to create seed to then grow more wood and start the transformation when the wood then contacts torch.
  • Ball courses.
  • Thunder, thunder-charged metal, or thunder-charged glass courses. This latter sometimes uses acid for decoration.
  • Clone courses, where clone follows a path to clone particles at a desired destination.
  • Snow courses, where some water makes snow melt into more water at a desired destination.
  • Fire courses, where combustible and flammable elements are used in a chain that progressively burns through its sections. Gas can be used to light other gas particles through block, so it is frequently utilized in chain reactions. Fuse and C-4 courses can be initiated in this manner.
  • Magma courses, using the same concept of snow courses except slower: Glass, being the quickest element to melt, is often used opposed to stone, metal, or mercury, except in very windy conditions, such as next to a fire course.
  • Virus courses, where virus is often charged with a lighter element and initiates a Fire, C-4 or Fuse course.
  • Shattered glass courses, where glass is shattered and generally releases a powder or liquid.
  • Firework courses, where fireworks explode and initiate other courses or other fireworks: the fireworks are usually charged with magma, fire, or water.
  • Vine courses where vine grows over something. This is most often used with seawater.
  • Water sinking in a chamber of oil and rusting a bottom made of metal, releasing oil.
  • Nitro or oil filling a chamber with torch inside and starting Fire, C-4, or Fuse courses.
  • Water clearing torch and releasing a lighter element, usually magma or laser.

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