Clear is a tool in most Dan-Ball simulation games that erases the game's form of play.

In Powder Game and Powder Game 2

Clear is a simple tool in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 used to erase current matter under the cursor when clicking the left mouse button. The clear size can be determined by Pen-S, whether making it larger or smaller.

It is different from erase, as clear only removes elements while erase only removes objects.

For some time there was no function that acted like clear, so other methods had to be applied to remove elements.

To Determine Clear Size

  • A quick change in clear size is using the numbers 0-9.
  • Press the Pen-s button in the Powder Game menu.
  • Clear area is the same size as when using block or erase.

Note: At one time, clear also took out Block.

In Earth Editor

A tool in Earth Editor that is used to erase elements. The size of the area cleared depends on the Pen-S.

In Liquid Webtoy

A tool in Liquid Webtoy that is used to erase elements. The size of the area cleared is dependent on the Hit amount.

In Font Game

A tool in Font Game that is used to erase characters that come within the circle. The size of the erasing circle depends on the size tool.

In Sand Moji

A tool in Sand Moji that clears all elements when clicked. Similar to reset.

In Elemental Box

A tool in Elemental Box that clears only one polygon. Holding the mouse button while clearing will continue clearing.

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