The standard compass model.

A compass is an object in the Dan-Ball java game Compasses. It is attracted to the cursor and turns accordingly. Like a real compass, the red end of a compass will follow the magnetic source by rotating on it's axis. The magnetic source, in this case, being the cursor. The amount if this movement varies depending on the settings the player has selected. Each compass model except for square, rotates within a circular "frame."

The compass model used can be changed via the setting "drawtype" on the game's menu. When changed, the compass will act no differently, however takes on a different appearance.


There are currently four compass models:

  • Normal
    • Normal displays the standard two-point compass model.
  • Square
    • Square appears as a small box with two red sides.
  • Line
    • Line is similar to normal, however the two-point bar is replaced by one thin red line, offset to one end of it's frame. The axis is displayed by one black dot in the center.
  • Point
    • Point is displayed by a large red circle approximately four-fifths of the diameter of it's frame, touching the interior of said frame.

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