Weapon Inventory

This shows a Long Sabel with a Berserk Card 3 and a Yellow Crystal 3 attached as compo items.

Compo items are items that can be attached to weapons. Compo items remain attached to weapons even when moved to the inventory, and there is no way to remove a compo item from a weapon. Since version 4.7 it is possible to replace compo item equipped to a weapon with another one, destroying the previous compo item in the process.

The player may place up to two compo items on weapons that are dropped from enemies, but only one compo item on weapons that were bought from the Shop (the other compo item slot will be replaced by a gray X that displays "NG" on the menu when rolled over). Additionally, for two compo items to be attached to a weapon, they must not be identical. When a player hovers the mouse cursor on a weapon, regardless if placed in the Inventory or equipped, the weapon menu displays two black boxes at the bottom, representing the two compo item slots of a weapon. If the weapon has a Compo item attached, it will show in one of the black boxes.

Compo items are dropped by enemies or bought from the Compo Shop in the Village. If a weapon that has compo items attached is sold, the player only gets gold for the weapon and nothing for the attached compo items.


Before version 2.5, weapons have only one compo item slot.

Before version 4.7, it was not possible to replace a compo item. The only way to achieve the same was to acquire a new weapon and the new compo item, discarding the current weapon and the compo item in the process.

Stick Ranger compo items
White Stone
· Crystal
· Diamond
· Generic white card
· Medal
· Charm
· Spirit
· Crown

Compo items nav
Compo items
· Weapons nav
· Gold nav
· Onigiri nav

List of compo items

Below is a list of the 8 groups of compo items, as well as the individual compo items within the groups.

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