Conductivity is a property of specific elements in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that makes them capable of conducting another element, allowing it pass through (via charging), such as metal, thunder, fan, or mercury.

When saved in the original Powder Game, the conducted element replaces the conducting element. For example, if thunder is passing through metal and that state is saved and loaded, the thunder will leave a hole in the metal where it was. This is because elements cannot be loaded in their charged state. This can be extremely devastating in certain complex uploads, especially technology such as a calculator, if the user is to save while testing their creation. It is therefor recommended to save frequently using the get-set function. However, this does not occur in Powder Game 2, as the conducted element is always replaced by the conductor.

Conductive materials

  • Fan - conducts all materials.
  • Metal - conducts thunder.
  • Mercury - conducts thunder.
  • Glass - conducts laser and thunder-charged metal (a special case, as the effect spreads through the glass in all directions in a wave-like pattern, and the initial amount of thunder does not affect this).
  • Pump - conducts liquids and the element gas.
  • Crystal - conducts laser, as well as thunder and thunder charged metal (special cases, as the effect spreads through the crystal in all directions in a wave-like pattern, and the initial amount of thunder does not affect this).

Conductivity in Powder Game 1 and 2

When an element is being conducted, it either temporarily replaces the element with the conducted element, or switches them. One way of proving the latter is by passing thunder through a jointed metal wire. Note that once the thunder enters the metal, it replaces the element and then will continue switching until it exits the wire, where it leaves a dot of the metal behind.

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