Not to be confused with Conveyor (Powder Game Technology).

Left-click: 664433
Right-click: 334455
State of Matter
Special properties
Moves any element except fan, clone, and laser that comes in contact with it.
Relative joint weight
Version implemented

Conveyer is an element in Powder Game 2.


  • Conveyer has two colours, blue and brown. The brown conveyer is created from left click and moves elements and objects anticlockwise, while the blue version is created from right click and moves them clockwise. All elements (including solids) and objects can be moved this way except fan, clone, laser, block, create, black hole, and white hole.
  • Conveyer is destroyed by acid in a 1:4 ratio.
  • Conveyer is destroyed by bomb.


  • When conveyer is cloned or infected by virus, it is turned into brown (anticlockwise) conveyer regardless of what type it was created as.
  • Conveyer appears as its brown form on the thumbnail, regardless of its real colour.
  • Conveyer is currently the only element to be represented in title case and two colours.
  • "Conveyer" as it appears on the menu, is currently misspelled. It is unknown if this will be corrected, much like block on the original Powder Game.
  • Even though it is technically a solid, laser does not move with conveyer.

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