This article is about the Powder Game 2 technology. For the element, see Conveyer.

A conveyor is a type of technology exclusive to Powder Game 2. Like the element, the basic purpose of a conveyor is to transfer joinable elements and/or Objects from one location to another. It does this by using a specific property of joint, in which joined metal in a narrow row is moved over one pixel each time a dot of thunder passes through it.


A reusable conveyor carrying a joint player, then a real player.

The conveyor is generally composed of two long lines of metal supported by another solid such as crystal (this is to prevent the joint from falling, with a thunder ball at one end to create an endless stream of electricity. An object or element is then joined to one of the metal lines. When start is pressed, the thunder will loop through the lines, thus moving the joined metal and the element or object with it. When the joint reaches the end of the conveyor, it will simply fall off, removing a small portion of the conveyor and rendering it useless, assuming there is a presence of gravity.

Conveyors can, however, be made to carry more than one element and/or object without destroying itself after the first joint is released. This is done by placing clone at the end of the conveyor to replenish the metal dot lost when the conveyor releases a joint.

How it works

When thunder makes a pixel transfer in metal, it simply switches places with the metal in front of it. If that metal dot is joined (possibly with another element or object), the thunder, as a result, moves the joint one pixel in the opposite direction. If there is a constant stream of thunder, the joint will be moved very quickly, as it is being switched rapidly with several thunder dots.

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