Copy-Paste is a tool in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 used to copy and paste elements. It was released in Powder Game ver3.6 and Powder Game 2 ver 3.9.

How to Use


To copy elements, click on Copy-Paste until the word COPY is RED and the word PASTE is WHITE. Then, select the area desired using the box that appears.


To paste elements, click on the Copy-Paste icon at the bottom part of the screen, until the word COPY is white and the word PASTE is RED. Then, click anywhere on the screen, which will reproduce the copied elements.


  • Copy can not copy non-elements. The only exception is Joint in Powder Game 2.
  • Copy can not copy the state of the elements. This includes:
    • The velocity of a dot.
    • The type of element produced by clone. A copied dot of clone searches for an element nearby.
    • The type of element produced by ants.
    • The direction of a laser. The laser beams vanish if they are not close to other dots.
    • The state of growth of hanging vines. Most hanging vines start to grow further downwards.
    • The type of element in which virus is going to turn into in the near future.
    • Copied dots of thunder on metal circuits turns into free dots of thunder and leave gaps in metal in Powder Game, while in Powder Game 2 the charged thunder dots simply turns back to metal.
    • Copied shrapnel turns back into a normal bomb dot.
    • The element(s) that fuse absorbed (oil, nitro and soapy).
    • The state of fish.
  • The only exception to the rule above is:
    • Copy can copy the attribute of fireworks. The result is not dependent on the selected element during the copy and paste.

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