State of Matter
Special properties
Changes colour in contact with most elements.
Relative joint weight
Version implemented

Crystal is an element in Powder Game 2.


  • Crystal changes colour on contact with all elements except laser and fan. The changed colour depends on the element in contact and diffuses across connected crystal dots. The only exception to this is thunder, which makes the crystal glow white briefly.
    • A pixel of an element touching the end of a one-pixel line of crystal has a larger shade radius than if it was fully surrounded by crystal.
    • Crystal changes back to its default colour when it is saved then loaded or after infected by virus.
    • Crystal is cloned by clone in its default colour, but usually changes color to the same as clone immediately.
  • Crystal glows on contact with thunder, thunder-charged balls, and thunder-charged metal.
    • After at least one glow, the default shade of the crystal will be slightly higher.
    • Thunder charged glass touching crystal is the only way crystal can assume the same color as thunder.
    • The glow from thunder and thunder charged metal making contact with crystal can assist the spreading of the element's color through the crystal.
  • Crystal allows laser to pass through like glass, and changes the color of laser to the same as the crystal colour when the laser enters the crystal.
    • If the crystal is less than 5 pixels in width, the laser has a chance of becoming striped, or "partly-charged". If it is only one pixel in width, it may not become charged at all.
    • If this coloured laser is to pass through glass, it will be reverted to it's default colour.
  • Crystal is resistant to acid but can be destroyed by it if laser is shooting through the crystal that is touching the acid.
  • Crystal is destroyed by bomb.
  • Crystal is destroyed by exploding Jointbomb.
  • Ant can dig tunnels into crystal.