experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Cyan Big Triangle Cactus
68- 1
69 400
70 800
71 1200
72 1600
73 2000
74 2400
75 2800
76 3200
77 3600
78 4000
79 3600
80 3200
81 2800
82 2400
83 2000
84 1600
85 1200
86 800
87 400
88+ 1
Cyan Big Triangle Cactus Cyan Big Triangle Cactus
Location: Hell 3
LP: 90000
AT: 1-1 (1s) ×5
Minimum AGI: 5
Expected AGI: 5
Range: 500
Strength: Freeze (Time -100%)
Weakness: none
LV: 78
EXP: 4000
Gold ($): 4000
Drops: GreatSword 7 (10%)
Species: Cactus
Head: Triangle
Attack: CyanBigTriangleCactusSpike
Head colour: #98CBFE
Body colour: #667373
Movement: no movement


This enemy shoots 5 freezing spikes that reflect off terrain rapidly when provoked. Although the spikes themselves do miniscule damage, they will very easily freeze characters fighting off other enemies in the vicinity, and leave them set up to the Orange Roundhead Snake's fire attacks. The Bait strategy can be used with a character with a Freeze Charm 4 and Purple Crystal 6 to prevent being frozen, with only a very small chance of becoming such. Once the other enemies on the screen are dead, they're not much of an issue, and are more of an annoyance than anything else. The Priest's Staff of Poisoner 4 can prevent it from launching its attacks, like other Cacti. Outside of Priests, a Magician using the bait strategy from a floating platform will direct this enemy's attacks to it without the Magician getting hit, but only if the enemy is positioned in a spot that can meet those conditions. Thunder and Poison type weapons are best against it.

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