experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Cyan Triangle Tree
72- 1
73 90
74 180
75 270
76 360
77 450
78 540
79 630
80 720
81 810
82 900
83 810
84 720
85 630
86 540
87 450
88 360
89 270
90 180
91 90
92+ 1
Cyan Triangle Tree Cyan Triangle Tree
Location: Inferno 2
LP: 20000
AT: 10-30
Minimum AGI: 150
Expected AGI: 168.34
Range: 1000
Strength: Fire (AT =1)
Weakness: none
LV: 82
EXP: 900
Gold ($): 900
Drops: Mach Cestus 7 (1%)
Species: Tree
Head: Triangle
Attack: CyanTriangleTreeSpike
Head colour: #92CBCB
Body colour: #996633
Movement: No movement


100 of this enemy will appear in the same spot in the second screen of the stage, similar to the previous enemy. These, however, have unlimited range and fire at varying speeds and direction, resulting in a barrage of spikes coming at the player. Approach these with caution and make good use of bait and dodge strategies. Although still nearly immune to Fire, any Freeze type weapon will work as well as before. Like its tan cousin, they can become massive gold harvesters with a melee class and a Gold rush Card. The Poison Spirit 4 can also be very devastating to the group once activated. In the boss screen, 20 will spawn along with 20 of the Tan Triangle Tree, Purple Triangle Cactus, and the boss. Simply repeat said strategies but be mindful of the additional threats of the area. These enemies, however, tend to spawn in the very back of the screen, sometimes behind the boss itself, making them fairly dangerous since they will attack characters while the latter worry about the other enemies in the screen. Having a melee character bait them while the other characters deal with the remaining enemies is highly advised.

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