experience gain from enemy
player level EXP
Cyan X Walker
47- 1
48 50
49 100
50 150
51 200
52 250
53 300
54 350
55 400
56 450
57 500
58 450
59 400
60 350
61 300
62 250
63 200
64 150
65 100
66 50
67+ 1
Cyan X Walker Cyan X Walker
Location: Snowfield 1
LP: 1600
AT: 5-5 (Slow 50%)
Minimum AGI: 50
Expected AGI: 95.59
Range: 150
Strength: none
Weakness: none
LV: 57
EXP: 500
Gold ($): 400
Drops: Inferno Staff 5 (5%)
White Stone 5 (2.5%)
Species: Walker
Head: X
Attack: Greenish Cyan bolt
Head colour: #A5BEC6
Body colour: #4A3C21
Movement: walking


These enemies are dangerous due to their Ice attacks, something players are not used to outside of VS Mode. They have a high range, but it does low damage. However, they can leave characters open to faster enemies, such as the White Roundhead Snake. During the boss stage, they'll prove to be absolutely horrible. This enemy is the very first which uses attacks of the Ice type. Because of that, the Ice Charm finally has a purpose outside of VS Mode, and is effective to resist the cold effects to an extent. Fortunately, it is not resistant to Ice or Freeze, so a Magician's Ice Meteor 4 or Big Icicle 4 can hold them at bay until melee characters can deal with them. Poison and Thunder type weapons make suitable alternates to this enemy.

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