Implemented in ver6.1, Cyclone is a tool in Powder Game 2 that generates wind in a circular motion around the cursor. It is similar to air in Powder Game in its ability to create wind and its placement under Wind on the menu.


When cyclone is used, it creates a low pressure circulating wind which first sucks in elements and objects, then turning into high pressure wind which then releases the elements and objects. Strength depends on Pen size.

  • When cyclone is produced by left click, the wind goes in clockwise direction.
  • When cyclone is produced by right click, the wind goes in anticlockwise direction.
  • If both are held down at the same time, a powerful suction is produced. This is the equivalent of producing air on Powder Game 1 by right-click.
    • If both left- and right-click are held for a few seconds, and the BG is set to BG-line, the player will see a spider-like wind formation. This effect is best executed with pen-s 9 cyclone.


  • Mixing elements together to create grounds or patterns,
  • Destroying uploads and knocking over objects such as joints.
  • Creating patterns with BG-air or BG-mesh.

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