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The pink number "0" shows that the attack of an enemy has been blocked recently by using a Black Crystal.

Damage is one of the statistics in Stick Ranger. It is inflicted upon a character when it is stricken by an enemy attack, or what is inflicted upon an enemy when stricken by a character attack. If a character sustains damage, a small red number jumps out of the character, heading to the left. If an enemy sustains damage, a small grey number jumps out of the enemy, heading to the right.

The amount of damage is equal to the AT value of the attacker minus the defense of the attacked. However no matter how much defense the attacked has, the damage can not be reduced below 1.

To raise his defense, a character can equip its weapon with the compo item Silver Crystal against physical damage or with the Purple Crystal against magical damage. Furthermore, the defence aura of Priests can be used to reduce the damage. Another method to avoid damage is to block it by using Black Crystals, which have a fixed chance of blocking enemy attacks, dealing no damage to characters. This will show up as a pink "0" amongst damage taken.

To increase the damage of characters, SP must be spent on the corresponding statistic that raises AT. (Main article: AT)

In ver10.0, the ability to add LP gauges to enemies and the stickmen was added.

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