Dan-Ball was created and currently run by three people, commonly referred to collectively as the Dan-Ball Webmasters, the Webmasters, or simply "They". These three Webmasters are ha55ii, Tylor, and otascube.

Each Webmaster has their own section within the page titled "Profile," which lists each webmaster's nickname, blood type, profession, hobby, favourite games, and a link to a social media page.

When a Webmaster uses the Comment Boards, the text "webmaster" will appear beside their nicknames in a small font to prevent impersonators.

Webmasters have the ability to access the site's features that are unavailable to regular users, such as the updating of games, deletion of comments and accounts, and updating the text and appearance of the site. They can also edit their own comments after they post them.

If a user is to create an account mimicking one of the Dan-Ball webmasters (ha55ii is the most frequently-impersonated webmaster) by changing a character into one of similar appearance (such as "ha5511 instead of ha55ii), the account will be deactivated swiftly, along with any uploads or posts on the comment boards the user has made.


  • Believed to be responsible for the development of all online Dan-Ball games.
  • Copyright holder for all online games.
  • Updates all online Dan-Ball games.
  • Posts comments after each online game update summarizing the latest game update.
  • Real name believed to be Chiehiro Hashizume, as it is mentioned beside Seller on Dan-Ball apps in the App Store, and also on the security warnings from java as the application publisher.
  • ha55ii's blog.

Tylor (タイラー)

  • Believed to be responsible for the Dan-Ball website development.
  • Is not known to comment on any comment board.
  • Tylor's blog.


  • Believed to be responsible for the development of all mobile Dan-Ball games.
  • Copyright holder for all mobile games (unless the game was based on an online game, such as Powder Game (AG), where both Otascube and ha55ii will be listed as copyright holders).
  • Frequently comments and responds to other posts on the mobile games comment board, as he is believed to be the only English speaking Webmaster.