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19 August, 2016 -SR Attack naming.
A new enemy attack was included in the recent SR update. Please discuss for its name in this talk page.
8 August, 2016 - SR Weapon pages.
A new discussion on inclusion of weapon predecessors and successors on weapon pages has been started. Please discuss in this talk page.
22 July, 2016 -SR Attack naming.
A new enemy attack was included in the recent SR update. Please discuss for its name in this talk page.
19 February, 2016 - Featured Pages and Images.
A discussion to select new featured pages and images has been started. You can participate in the discussion here.
5 February, 2016 -A new SR species.
A new species was included in the recent SR update. Please discuss for its name in this talk page.
6 January, 2016 -Another Colour naming.
There is another controversy for the naming of a colour used in two SR enemies. Please vote for the colour name in this talk page.

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Featured article - Lim Rocket

Lim Rocket Planet

One of the many planet types shown in the game.

Lim Rocket is an avoidance action game created by ha55ii on October 3, 2014, and is the 20th game released on Dan-Ball. In this game, players control a rocket and have to fly the rocket through space and avoid planets that act as obstructions for the rocket. The rocket can be propelled forwards and steer by rotating the rocket. Gravitational pull also attracts the rockets.

There are several modes in this game, from the simpliest never ending course to modes with extra limitations such as limited rocket fuel for controls or extra amount of planets. All modes have a common objective though: the player tries to fly as far as they can until they lose by going out-of-bounds for too long or crashes into a planet. (more)

Featured media

SR Battle Submarine 2 Boss A Stick Ranger team fighting enemies in Submarine 2 using 10th weapons.

Astro Powder Game upload Astronaut by sendai45

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