The purpose of this page is to provide a complete list about all redirections for compo items and weapons. This should help to make sure that no redirections are forgotten.

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Compo items

Categorization is done only for the single items without number, as given in the first columns. In case the single item name is a disambiguation page, a new redirect appending (Stick Ranger compo item) should be used for categorization. The category is Category: Stick Ranger items. This category should currently (ver18.8) have 62 pages (1 item page + 1 compo item page + 1 inventory page + 1 Gold page + 1 Onigiri page + 7 compo item classes + 5 stones + 5 crystals + 8 jewels + 4 medals + 19 cards + 3 charms + 4 spirits + 2 crowns).


Black Stone Black Stone 1 Black Stone 2 Black Stone 3 Black Stone 4 Black Stone 5 Black Stone 6 Black Stone 7
Blue Stone Blue Stone 1 Blue Stone 2 Blue Stone 3 Blue Stone 4 Blue Stone 5 Blue Stone 6 Blue Stone 7
Green Stone Green Stone 1 Green Stone 2 Green Stone 3 Green Stone 4 Green Stone 5 Green Stone 6 Green Stone 7
Red Stone Red Stone 1 Red Stone 2 Red Stone 3 Red Stone 4 Red Stone 5 Red Stone 6 Red Stone 7
White Stone White Stone 1 White Stone 2 White Stone 3 White Stone 4 White Stone 5 White Stone 6 White Stone 7


Black Crystal Black Crystal 1 Black Crystal 2 Black Crystal 3 Black Crystal 4 Black Crystal 5 Black Crystal 6 Black Crystal 7
Purple Crystal Purple Crystal 1 Purple Crystal 2 Purple Crystal 3 Purple Crystal 4 Purple Crystal 5 Purple Crystal 6 Purple Crystal 7
Red Crystal Red Crystal 1 Red Crystal 2 Red Crystal 3 Red Crystal 4 Red Crystal 5 Red Crystal 6 Red Crystal 7
Silver Crystal Silver Crystal 1 Silver Crystal 2 Silver Crystal 3 Silver Crystal 4 Silver Crystal 5 Silver Crystal 6 Silver Crystal 7
Yellow Crystal Yellow Crystal 1 Yellow Crystal 2 Yellow Crystal 3 Yellow Crystal 4 Yellow Crystal 5 Yellow Crystal 6 Yellow Crystal 7


Aquamarine Aquamarine 1 Aquamarine 2 Aquamarine 3 Aquamarine 4 Aquamarine 5 Aquamarine 6 Aquamarine 7
Emerald Emerald 1 Emerald 2 Emerald 3 Emerald 4 Emerald 5 Emerald 6 Emerald 7
Garnet Garnet 1 Garnet 2 Garnet 3 Garnet 4 Garnet 5 Garnet 6 Garnet 7
Peridot Peridot 1 Peridot 2 Peridot 3 Peridot 4 Peridot 5 Peridot 6 Peridot 7
Ruby Ruby 1 Ruby 2 Ruby 3 Ruby 4 Ruby 5 Ruby 6 Ruby 7
Sapphire Sapphire 1 Sapphire 2 Sapphire 3 Sapphire 4 Sapphire 5 Sapphire 6 Sapphire 7
Topaz Topaz 1 Topaz 2 Topaz 3 Topaz 4 Topaz 5 Topaz 6 Topaz 7
Diamond (disambig) Diamond (Stick Ranger compo item) Diamond 1 Diamond 2 Diamond 3 Diamond 4 Diamond 5 Diamond 6 Diamond 7


Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 1 Bronze Medal 2 Bronze Medal 3 Bronze Medal 4 Bronze Medal 5 Bronze Medal 6 Bronze Medal 7
Silver Medal Silver Medal 1 Silver Medal 2 Silver Medal 3 Silver Medal 4 Silver Medal 5 Silver Medal 6 Silver Medal 7
Gold Medal Gold Medal 1 Gold Medal 2 Gold Medal 3 Gold Medal 4 Gold Medal 5 Gold Medal 6 Gold Medal 7
Iron Medal Iron Medal 1 Iron Medal 2 Iron Medal 3 Iron Medal 4 Iron Medal 5 Iron Medal 6 Iron Medal 7


Quick's Card Quick's Card 1 Quick's Card 2 Quick's Card 3 Quick's Card 4 Quick's Card 5 Quick's Card 7
Long Sword's Card Long Sword's Card 1 Long Sword's Card 2 Long Sword's Card 3 Long Sword's Card 4 Long Sword's Card 5 Long Sword's Card 6 Long Sword's Card 7
Catapult's Card Catapult's Card 1 Catapult's Card 2 Catapult's Card 3 Catapult's Card 4 Catapult's Card 5 Catapult's Card 6 Catapult's Card 7
Pierce's Card Pierce's Card 1 Pierce's Card 2 Pierce's Card 3 Pierce's Card 4
Guide's Card Guide's Card 1 Guide's Card 2 Guide's Card 3 Guide's Card 4 Guide's Card 5 Guide's Card 6 Guide's Card 7
Bullet's Card Bullet's Card 1 Bullet's Card 2 Bullet's Card 3 Bullet's Card 4 Bullet's Card 5 Bullet's Card 6 Bullet's Card 7
Explosion's Card Explosion's Card 1 Explosion's Card 2 Explosion's Card 3 Explosion's Card 4
Critical's Card Critical's Card 1 Critical's Card 2 Critical's Card 3 Critical's Card 4 Critical's Card 5 Critical's Card 6 Critical's Card 7
Vampire's Card Vampire's Card 1 Vampire's Card 3 Vampire's Card 4
Berserk Card Berserk Card 1 Berserk Card 2 Berserk Card 3 Berserk Card 4 Berserk Card 5 Berserk Card 6 Berserk Card 7
Big Card Big Card 1 Big Card 2 Big Card 3 Big Card 4 Big Card 5
Knockback's Card Knockback's Card 1 Knockback's Card 2 Knockback's Card 3 Knockback's Card 4 Knockback's Card 5
Reflection Card Reflection Card 1 Reflection Card 2 Reflection Card 3 Reflection Card 4
Gold rush Card Gold rush Card 1
Zombie's Card Zombie's Card 4
Katana's Card Katana's Card 6 Katana's Card 7
Heal's Card Heal's Card 1 Heal's Card 2
Ring's Card Ring's Card 1 Ring's Card 2 Ring's Card 3 Ring's Card 4 Ring's Card 5 Ring's Card 6


Ice Charm Ice Charm 1 Ice Charm 2 Ice Charm 3 Ice Charm 4
Poison Charm Poison Charm 1 Poison Charm 2 Poison Charm 3 Poison Charm 4
Freeze Charm Freeze Charm 1 Freeze Charm 2 Freeze Charm 3 Freeze Charm 4


Fire Spirit Fire Spirit 1 Fire Spirit 2 Fire Spirit 3 Fire Spirit 4
Thunder Spirit Thunder Spirit 1 Thunder Spirit 2 Thunder Spirit 3 Thunder Spirit 4
Ice Spirit Ice Spirit 1 Ice Spirit 2 Ice Spirit 3 Ice Spirit 4
Poison Spirit Poison Spirit 4


Imperial Crown
Anger Crown


Categorization is done only for the single weapons without number, as given in the first columns. An exception to this are the orbs, where categorization is done for the weapons with appendix "(Stick Ranger orb)", and the starting ring, which has a version appending (Stick Ranger ring) categorized, as given in the last column for both. The category is Category: Stick Ranger weapons. This category should currently (ver17.6) have 280 pages (1 main weapon weapon page + 8 weapon class pages + 34 weapons for each of the 8 classes - 3 weapons with duplicated name (There are 4 Lightsabers) + 2 Mountaintop weapons (Napalm Bomb and Indra Arrow))


Mach Punch Mach Punch 1
Thunder Glove Thunder Glove 1
Fire Glove Fire Glove 1
Poison Glove Poison Glove 1
Freeze Glove Freeze Glove 2
Needle Glove Needle Glove 2
Spark Glove Spark Glove 2
Sonic Punch Sonic Punch 2
Thunder Knuckle Thunder Knuckle 3
Fire Knuckle Fire Knuckle 3
Mach Knuckle Mach Knuckle 3
Poison Knuckle Poison Knuckle 3
Freeze Knuckle Freeze Knuckle 4
Needle Knuckle Needle Knuckle 4
Spark Knuckle Spark Knuckle 4
Sonic Knuckle Sonic Knuckle 4
Thunder Claw Thunder Claw 5
Charge Punch Charge Punch 5
Fire Claw Fire Claw 5
Mach Claw Mach Claw 5
Poison Claw Poison Claw 5
Freeze Claw Freeze Claw 6
Needle Claw Needle Claw 6
Spark Claw Spark Claw 6
Sonic Claw Sonic Claw 6
Thunder Cestus Thunder Cestus 7
Fire Cestus Fire Cestus 7
Mach Cestus Mach Cestus 7
Poison Cestus Poison Cestus 7
Freeze Cestus Freeze Cestus 8
Needle Cestus Needle Cestus 8
Spark Cestus Spark Cestus 8
Sonic Cestus Sonic Cestus 8


Iron Sword Iron Sword 1
Fire Sword Fire Sword 1
Thunder Sword Thunder Sword 1
Ice Sword Ice Sword 1
Long Sword Long Sword 2
Lightsaber Lightsaber 2
Flame Sword Flame Sword 2
Frozen Sword Frozen Sword 2
Sabel Sabel 3
Fire Sabel Fire Sabel 3
Thunder Sabel Thunder Sabel 3
Ice Sabel Ice Sabel 3
Long Sabel Long Sabel 4
Lightsaber Lightsaber 4
Flame Sabel Flame Sabel 4
Frozen Sabel Frozen Sabel 4
Blade Blade 5
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword 5
Fire Blade Fire Blade 5
Thunder Blade Thunder Blade 5
Ice Blade Ice Blade 5
Long Blade Long Blade 6
Lightsaber Lightsaber 6
Flame Blade Flame Blade 6
Frozen Blade Frozen Blade 6
GreatSword GreatSword 7
Fire GreatSword Fire GreatSword 7 Fire GS Fire GS 7
Thunder GreatSword Thunder GreatSword 7 Thunder GS Thunder GS 7
Ice GreatSword Ice GreatSword 7 Ice GS Ice GS 7
Long GreatSword Long GreatSword 8 Long GS Long GS 8
Lightsaber Lightsaber 8
Flame GreatSword Flame GreatSword 8 Flame GS Flame GS 8
Frozen GreatSword Frozen GreatSword 8 Frozen GS Frozen GS 8


Triple Shot Triple Shot 1
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow 1
Double Arrow Double Arrow 1
Fire Arrow Fire Arrow 1
Triple Arrow Triple Arrow 2
Quad Arrow Quad Arrow 2
Oct Arrow Oct Arrow 2
Double Poison Double Poison 2
Quint Shot Quint Shot 3
Double Fire Double Fire 3
Double Iron Arrow Double Iron Arrow 3
Triple Iron Arrow Triple Iron Arrow 3
Triple Poison Triple Poison 4
Fire Shot Fire Shot 4
Quad Iron Arrow Quad Iron Arrow 4
Nonuple Arrow Nonuple Arrow 4
Poison Shot Poison Shot 5
Pyramid Arrow Pyramid Arrow 5
Flame Arrow Flame Arrow 5
Sept Shot Sept Shot 5
Pierce Arrow Pierce Arrow 5
Quint Poison Quint Poison 6
Double Flame Double Flame 6
Indra Arrow Indra Arrow 6
Quad Steel Arrow Quad Steel Arrow 6
Undecuple Arrow Undecuple Arrow 6
Nonuple Shot Nonuple Shot 7
Flame Shot Flame Shot 7
Oct Poison Oct Poison 7
Double Hell Fire Double Hell Fire 7
Quint Gold Arrow Quint Gold Arrow 8
Vigintuple Arrow Vigintuple Arrow 8
Oct Poison Shot Oct Poison Shot 8
Hell Fire Shot Hell Fire Shot 8


Magic (disambig) Magic (orb) Magic (Stick Ranger orb)
Explosion (disambig) Explosion 1 Explosion (orb) Explosion (Stick Ranger orb)
Ice (disambig) Ice 1 Ice (orb) Ice (Stick Ranger orb)
Fire (disambig) Fire 1 Fire (orb) Fire (Stick Ranger orb)
Thunder (disambig) Thunder 1 Thunder (orb) Thunder (Stick Ranger orb)
Freeze (disambig) Freeze 2 Freeze (orb) Freeze (Stick Ranger orb)
Blizzard Blizzard 2 Blizzard (orb) Blizzard (Stick Ranger orb)
Volcano (disambig) Volcano 2 Volcano (orb) Volcano (Stick Ranger orb)
Thunder Storm Thunder Storm 2 Thunder Storm (orb) Thunder Storm (Stick Ranger orb)
Delta Explosion Delta Explosion 3 Delta Explosion (orb) Delta Explosion (Stick Ranger orb)
Icicle Icicle 3 Icicle (orb) Icicle (Stick Ranger orb)
Fire Rise Fire Rise 3 Fire Rise (orb) Fire Rise (Stick Ranger orb)
Big Thunder Big Thunder 3 Big Thunder (orb) Big Thunder (Stick Ranger orb)
Big Icicle Big Icicle 4 Big Icicle (orb) Big Icicle (Stick Ranger orb)
Ice Meteor Ice Meteor 4 Ice Meteor (orb) Ice Meteor (Stick Ranger orb)
Super Volcano Super Volcano 4 Super Volcano (orb) Super Volcano (Stick Ranger orb)
Thunder Spear Thunder Spear 4 Thunder Spear (orb) Thunder Spear (Stick Ranger orb)
Time Explosion Time Explosion 5 Time Explosion (orb) Time Explosion (Stick Ranger orb)
Atomic Ray Atomic Ray 5 Atomic Ray (orb) Atomic Ray (Stick Ranger orb)
Ice Spike Ice Spike 5 Ice Spike (orb) Ice Spike (Stick Ranger orb)
Inferno (disambig) Inferno 5 Inferno (orb) Inferno (Stick Ranger orb)
Electric Shock Electric Shock 5 Electric Shock (orb) Electric Shock (Stick Ranger orb)
Freeze Explosion Freeze Explosion 6 Freeze Explosion (orb) Freeze Explosion (Stick Ranger orb)
Ice Orb Ice Orb 6 Ice Orb (orb) Ice Orb (Stick Ranger orb)
Lava (disambig) Lava 6 Lava (orb) Lava (Stick Ranger orb)
Thunder Orb Thunder Orb 6 Thunder Orb (orb) Thunder Orb (Stick Ranger orb)
Spread Explosion Spread Explosion 7 Spread Explosion (orb) Spread Explosion (Stick Ranger orb)
Ice Bolt Ice Bolt 7 Ice Bolt (orb) Ice Bolt (Stick Ranger orb)
Hell Fire Hell Fire 7 Hell Fire (orb) Hell Fire (Stick Ranger orb)
Lightning Lightning 7 Lightning (orb) Lightning (Stick Ranger orb)
Permafrost Permafrost 8 Permafrost (orb) Permafrost (Stick Ranger orb)
Ice Missile Ice Missile 8 Ice Missile (orb) Ice Missile (Stick Ranger orb)
Pyroclastic Flow Pyroclastic Flow 8 Pyroclastic Flow (orb) Pyroclastic Flow (Stick Ranger orb)
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 8 Thunderbolt (orb) Thunderbolt (Stick Ranger orb)


Staff of Wood Staff of Wood 1
Long Staff Long Staff 1
Staff of Thunder Staff of Thunder 1
Staff of Ice Staff of Ice 1
Battle Staff Battle Staff 2
Staff of Fire Staff of Fire 2
Lightning Staff Lightning Staff 2
Staff of Poison Staff of Poison 2
Long Wood Staff Long Wood Staff 3
Staff of Freeze Staff of Freeze 3
Staff of Light Staff of Light 1
Staff of Flame Staff of Flame 3
Combat Staff Combat Staff 4
Staff of Poisoner Staff of Poisoner 4
Long Iron Staff Long Iron Staff 4
Staff of Icicle Staff of Icicle 4
Explosion Staff Explosion Staff 5
High Light Staff High Light Staff 3
Warrior Staff Warrior Staff 5
Inferno Staff Inferno Staff 5
Electric Staff Electric Staff 5
Long Silver Staff Long Silver Staff 6
Poisonous Staff Poisonous Staff 6
Freeze Exp Staff Freeze Exp Staff 6
Mega Exp Staff Mega Exp Staff 6
Strike Rod Strike Rod 7
Inferno Rod Inferno Rod 7
Thunder Rod Thunder Rod 7
Long Gold Rod Long Gold Rod 7
Poisonous Rod Poisonous Rod 8
Freeze Exp Rod Freeze Exp Rod 8
Giga Exp Rod Giga Exp Rod 8
Power Rod Power Rod 8


Handgun Handgun 1
Submachine-gun Submachine-gun 1
Shotgun Shotgun 1
Rifle Rifle 1
Grenade Grenade 2
Laser Gun Laser Gun 2
Bazooka Bazooka 2
Homing Laser Homing Laser 2
Beretta Beretta 3
Uzi Uzi 3
Remington Remington 3
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle 3
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher 4
Laser Beam Gun Laser Beam Gun 4
Cannon Cannon 4
Homing Laser Beam Homing Laser Beam 4
3-Round Burst 3-Round Burst 5
Missile Missile 5
Mini Uzi Mini Uzi 5
Scattergun Scattergun 5
Hunting Gun Hunting Gun 5
M9 Grenade M9 Grenade 6
Power Laser Gun Power Laser Gun 6
Napalm Bomb Napalm Bomb 6
Wave Cannon Wave Cannon 6
Pierce Homing Pierce Homing 6
Magnum Magnum 7
Micro Uzi Micro Uzi 7
Triple Shotgun Triple Shotgun 7
Rail Gun Rail Gun 7
Napalm Gun Napalm Gun 8
Slow Laser Gun Slow Laser Gun 8
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher 8
Homing Laser Wave Homing Laser Wave 8


Stone Whip Stone Whip 1
Fire Whip Fire Whip 1
Iron Whip Iron Whip 1
Thunder Whip Thunder Whip 1
Ice Whip Ice Whip 2
Thorn Whip Thorn Whip 2
Poison Whip Poison Whip 2
Explosion Whip Explosion Whip 2
Stone Chain Stone Chain 3
Fire Chain Fire Chain 3
Iron Chain Iron Chain 3
Thunder Chain Thunder Chain 3
Ice Chain Ice Chain 4
Thorn Chain Thorn Chain 4
Poison Chain Poison Chain 4
Explosion Chain Explosion Chain 4
Stone Flail Stone Flail 5
Freeze Whip Freeze Whip 5
Fire Flail Fire Flail 5
Iron Flail Iron Flail 5
Thunder Flail Thunder Flail 5
Ice Flail Ice Flail 6
Thorn Flail Thorn Flail 6
Poison Flail Poison Flail 6
Explosion Flail Explosion Flail 6
Morning Star Morning Star 7
Stone Morning Star Stone Morning Star 7 Stone ms Stone ms 7
Fire Morning Star Fire Morning Star 7 Fire ms Fire ms 7
Thunder Morning Star Thunder Morning Star 7 Thunder ms Thunder ms 7
Ice Morning Star Ice Morning Star 8 Ice ms Ice ms 8
Thorn Morning Star Thorn Morning Star 8 Thorn ms Thorn ms 8
Poison Morning Star Poison Morning Star 8 Poison ms Poison ms 8
Explosion Morning Star Explosion Morning Star 8 Explosion ms Explosion ms 8


Ring (disambig) Ring (Stick Ranger ring)
Fire Ring Fire Ring 1
Thunder Ring Thunder Ring 1
Long Ring Long Ring 1
Ice Ring Ice Ring 1
Thorn Ring Thorn Ring 2
Power Ring Power Ring 2
Quick Ring Quick Ring 2
Charge Ring Charge Ring 2
Fire Circle Fire Circle 3
Thunder Circle Thunder Circle 3
Long Circle Long Circle 3
Ice Circle Ice Circle 3
Thorn Circle Thorn Circle 4
Power Circle Power Circle 4
Quick Circle Quick Circle 4
Charge Circle Charge Circle 4
Fire Chakram Fire Chakram 5
Chakram Chakram 5
Thunder Chakram Thunder Chakram 5
Long Chakram Long Chakram 5
Ice Chakram Ice Chakram 5
Thorn Chakram Thorn Chakram 6
Power Chakram Power Chakram 6
Quick Chakram Quick Chakram 6
Charge Chakram Charge Chakram 6
Fire God Fire God 7
Thunder God Thunder God 7
Long God Long God 7
Ice God Ice God 7
Thorn God Thorn God 8
Power God Power God 8
Quick God Quick God 8
Charge God Charge God 8


For stages, redirections are used, which are basically one- or two-letter abbreviations, occasionally followed by a number.

T, V, R, FT, I
GL1, GL2, GL3, GL4, GL5, GL6, GL7
HC1, HC2, HC3
F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6
CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4, CV5, CV6, CV7, CV8
S1, S2, S3, S4
SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SSh
MG1, MG2, MG3
D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8
B1, B2, B3, B4
SF1, SF2, SF3, SF4, SF5, SF6, SF7, SF8, SF9
M1, M2, MT
H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, HG
IF1, IF2, IF3

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