Defense (or DF) is a statistic in Stick Ranger that determines the damage reduction of a character. For every Defense point the character has, one less point of damage will be taken each hit. Defense cannot reduce damage taken below 1. This stat is not explicitly shown (i.e. the player is unable to tell the defense of a character at a glance). All characters have 0 defense, and this value cannot be permanently increased due to the fact that only one compo item and a ranged statistic can affect it.

Increasing Defense

Defense for the Berserk Card

The Berserk Card reduces the defense of a character. However this defense is not comparable to the normal DF, since it works in a completely different way. It does not reduce the DF given by an aura or a Silver Crystal. The "-50% DF" or "-100% DF" simply correspond to "+50% AT" or "+100% AT" for the enemy. So instead of weakening the character, the enemies get stronger and can do more than its normal damage.

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