Density is a characteristic of elements in Powder Game and Powder Game 2. Density affects how liquids interact with each other, and how they naturally stack when placed together. Liquids with lower densities will float above liquids with higher densities.

Relative densities for other elements, specifically powders can be found in Powder Game by setting up a wheel and placing equal amounts of two elements on either side equal distance from the center.

Density List (Powder Game)

This is a list of all elements with a defined density from lowest density to highest. This does not include solids, plasmas, gasses, or the element bird because none of these are affected by gravity. Many elements have the same density, and are therefore placed next to one another on the same level.

It is also noteworthy that the powders will sink to the bottom of all liquids, even when they have a lower density. This is due to their state of matter rather than their density. Mercury is a special liquid in that powders do not sink to the bottom of it.

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